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Welcome to Our Self-Organizing Network Solutions

In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, staying ahead of the competition and meeting the ever-increasing demands of users is crucial and mission critical. At Telnet, we understand the challenges faced by network operators and the need for efficient, dynamic, and reliable solutions. That’s why we are proud to introduce a state-of-the-art Self-Organizing Network (SON) solutions via an exclusive partnership with Innovile Solutions, designed to revolutionize the way networks are managed, optimized, and automated.

Unlock the Power of Automation: Gone are the days of manual network configuration and optimization. Our SON solutions harness the power of automation to streamline network operations, freeing up valuable resources and reducing operational costs. By automating routine tasks, network administrators can focus on strategic planning and delivering superior services to end-users.

Enhance Network Performance: In a world where connectivity is paramount, network performance is the key to success. With our SON solutions, you can expect a significant improvement in network efficiency, reduced downtime, and an overall enhanced user experience. Through real-time monitoring and intelligent optimization algorithms, our solutions adapt to changing network conditions to deliver optimal performance continuously.

Unleash Seamless Network Expansion: As networks grow and evolve, the complexity of managing them increases exponentially. Our SON solutions offer unmatched scalability, allowing seamless network expansion without compromising on performance. Whether you’re deploying 5G infrastructure or expanding your existing 4G network, our solutions adapt effortlessly to meet your network’s evolving needs.

Resilience and Reliability Guaranteed: We understand the critical nature of telecommunications networks and the importance of maintaining uninterrupted services. Our SON solutions come equipped with self-healing capabilities, quickly identifying, and resolving network issues without human intervention. Rest assured, your network will remain resilient and reliable even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Tailored to Your Unique Requirements: At Telnet, we know that every network environment is unique. That’s why the SON solutions are fully customizable, catering to your specific needs and challenges. We work closely with you to ensure a seamless integration of our solutions into your existing network infrastructure, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

Join the Next Generation of Network Management: Embrace the future of telecommunications with our cutting-edge Self-Organizing Network solutions. Experience the benefits of reduced operational overhead, optimized network performance, and enhanced user satisfaction. Contact our expert team today to schedule a personalized demonstration and discover how our SON solutions can elevate your network to new heights.

Our Solutions Benefits & Features

  • Multi-vendor
  • Unified operating environment
  • Multi-technology
  • Thoughtfully designed User Interface
  • Expert knowledge in design
  • Client-roadmap integration
  • World-class support
  • Supporting services & expertise

With this suite of solutions our engineers are able to work with switch-based data in an Open Loop manner starting KPI Network audits followed by a focused approach to improving a carrier’s network in an expedited manner. The suite of solutions we are working with can also be implemented in managed Close Manner providing near real time SON optimization with roll back capability etc….


Performance Management

  • Comprehensive mobile network multi-layer performance management solution
  • Monitor and manage Core, Transport and Access network elements
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboards driving actionable insights
  • Real-time and proactive KPIs to help achieve performance boost

Configuration Management

  • Rapid migration to a single network management environment, simplifying operations
  • Significant efficiency and effectiveness gains; process, quality, performance
  • Complete with pre-built integrations
  • Each element type takes only around 1-2 weeks to integrate

Self-Organizing Network (SON)

  • An open (not black box) and automated configuration & optimization platform
  • Integrate across multi-vendor environments, and with common-sense commercials
  • Enable true cost-effectiveness
  • Broad range of network element types integrated in a short time

Fault Management

  • Reduced Mean-Time-To-Repair & Downtime
  • Alarm Prioritization •Fast isolation and resolving
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis
  • Rule Generation to solve known repetitive alarms automatically