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    Wireless Engineering

    To meet the new customer requirements and to stay ahead of the business curve, wireless telecommunication service providers have to continuously expand their service area and roll out new technologies.

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    In-Building Solutions

    We have all come to expect instant communication and seamless connectivity from our mobile devices. This demand comes up more and more when we are in crowded locations and in large buildings where coverage is not always the best or available at all.

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    Public Safety Solutions

    In-Building Public Safety Communication Systems are needed… Radio signals have limited propagation through various materials.

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    Flexible Workforce Solutions

    Tailoring Talent to Your Needs. We specialize in providing adaptable staffing solutions that fit the ever-changing dynamics of your business. Experience the power of agility and expertise with our bespoke workforce solutions.

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About Us

Telnet, Incorporated is a consulting firm providing complete Telecom and IT solutions globally. Established in 1995, Telnet has been providing innovative and competitive solutions to wireless operators, equipment vendors, as well as government and other commercial entities, in form of turnkey operations or technical outsourcing. Telnet provides its clients with superior products and customized solutions that give them the edge in today’s competitive market place. Telnet’s dedicated staff is committed to your success.

Telnet has been providing Wireless Network related Services to Wireless carriers and Wireless Equipment providers for more than 20 years.

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TELNET was founded in 1995 by Hootan Roosta as an engineering consulting firm and soon after the IT and Operations divisions were established to provide clients with cost-effective and superior products and turnkey services and give them the edge in today’s competitive market place.


Our Goal

TELNET’s mission is to continue providing the highest level of expertise, innovative products, solutions, and creative problem solving with Total Customer Satisfaction.


Our Edge

From our long term relations with Wireless service providers and Telecom Equipment Vendors, we have had the opportunity to work with all of them present in US.


Global Marketing

TELNET serves both the domestic and the international market. TELNET’s progressive and innovative services bring a rich experience from markets all over the world such as, Germany, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, and United Kingdom.


Our Vision

TELNET provide solutions that make our customers successful, by improving their productivity with applications and systems that are innovative and easy to use, straightforward to support and reliable to maintain.


Company Strategy

TELNET’s strategy is to provide clients with the best solutions by combining talent and technology, hard working professionals and cutting edge tools customized as needed for technical delivery and in depth real-time management.

Our Products


    Employee Tracking System (ETS)

    ETS is a web-based time tracking and expenditure management system, designed for companies to collect and approve time and expenditures of each individual employee, based on projects.

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    Inventory & Asset Management (ITS)

    ITS is a web-based inventory and resource; tracking management system, designed for companies to keep track of all the company’s inventory, big or small, as well as managing the collections of items.

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    SiteManager (SM) Module

    Site manager is a secure online project management system & data exchange platform. This e-commerce solution has been developed to facilitate management of large scale projects with multiple remote entities involved using just a browser.

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Since inception in 1995 Telnet been serving the telecom industry, mobile carriers, equipment vendors, and tower companies with high end services including engineering, Implementation, operation, and expansion to cover more users and move to new technologies. Technology is advancing at a rapid space and Telnet has been on the forefront of this advancement supporting the industry.

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Telnet’s Government services division provides information technology, managed services, unified communications, network security, web applications, management consulting and a broad portfolio of voice, video, and data products to State and Federal agencies. Our focus is to enable Government organizations to reduce costs, enhance productivity and deliver superior customer service.

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Small Business

Telnet offers a suite of business solutions designed to enable small businesses to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and deliver superior customer service. We do this by providing a suite of online business management solutions, Telecommunication systems & Integration services, and network managements &IT support, and a broad portfolio of voice, video, and data products.

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